Wednesday, July 28, 2010

That time of year for me

This is usually when I start planning out Christmas and I have already gotten my new Keepsake Ornaments out of layaway except for the ones that come out in October. I won't be decorating as much as I used to because my children are coming for a week and too much clutter gets in their way. My kitchen will be decorated as usual and my dining room, but the living room will be spared from all the frufru that I usually put out. I am going to put a small tree in our bedroom for my daughter filled with her ornaments and praying she will ship them home this year. I need more space in my closet and she has an enormous amount of things here that should be at her house.

Time to make new arrangments that have become stale and old, so out with old and in with the new. Hope to see you at this year's Christmas Open House. Hugs, Pat